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As a commercial property owner, you know the value of keeping your spaces clean and inviting. This means the last thing you want is an infestation of bugs, mice, birds and other critters. These unwanted intruders can damage your structures, spread disease and make your buildings less appealing overall. This is why you should choose Serenity Pest Solutions when you need commercial pest control in Phoenix. We serve the city as well as Scottsdale, Tempe and the rest of the valley area.

We’re the local leaders in commercial pest control, meaning we know exactly how to handle the most common pests you may encounter. Whether you have a nest of termites chewing on your wall studs or scorpions scaring away your customers, our commercial pest removal expertise will ensure the problem is dealt with as thoroughly as possible. You can call us 24/7 when you need an emergency commercial pest exterminator. We’re a family owned and operated company, so you can count on us to treat you right no matter what we do for you. If you’re ready to find out more about what our commercial pest control services can do to keep your properties free from uninvited guests, reach out today to schedule a complimentary inspection.


Our integrated commercial pest management program focuses on long-term prevention of pests in restaurants.

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Business Complexes

Your customers and employees have a low tolerance for pests. We'll help you keep it a pest free experience and work environment from your business.

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Pests can destroy products being stored in a warehouse; especially rats and mice. Keeping your product safe from pests is our mission.

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Schools, Daycares, Nursing Homes & Health Care Facilities

Schools, Daycares, Nursing Homes, and Health Care Facilities require service by a certified applicator and require a 72 hour applicator notice.

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We use integrated pest management to create a pest free life for your tenants. IPM uses science, technology, and common sense to provide the right solution for your business and your renters.

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Though a monthly exterior spray is typically sufficient for HOA neighborhoods, we do provide a full range of solutions for any pest problem that will work with any HOA.

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