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Residential Pest Control In The Phoenix Metro Area

Giving You Some Peace of Mind

Let’s face it: The last thing you want in your house is a pest problem — not only because bugs and critters can make anyone’s skin crawl, but also for the sake of cleanliness, not to mention property value!

Do you have pests plaguing your property? Need someone to fumigate for bed bugs, scorpions or another creepy-crawly? Serenity Pest Solutions provides the expert residential pest control in Phoenix that you need. Trust our team to find the right solutions for you and your family with our professional residential bug control services.

Whether you’re dealing with birds, bed bugs, scorpions or termites, we can identify the problem and create strategies to deal with it, so you can rest easy at home again. Count on us for residential pest control services that are catered to the needs of you, your family, your pets, the environment and everything in between.

One of the best parts of choosing Serenity is knowing you have local experts on your side. Our residential exterminators understand the Phoenix area and are well-acquainted with its native pests. This means whether we’re providing traditional termite treatments or residential fumigation services, you can count on us to tackle the problem with the insider knowledge of a company based in the area.

Known throughout Phoenix for having the best pest control, Serenity serves customers not only in Phoenix, but also beyond into Scottsdale and Tempe and throughout the rest of the valley. Our company is family-owned and -operated, available 24/7 for emergencies and committed to providing free inspections to our clients. Contact us about residential insecticide or other pest control services today!


Birds are pests too; birds like Pigeons and Grackles are invasive species that spread disease and damage your home.



Termites are a big problem in Arizona. The damage to your home isn't  worth avoiding this problem, call, text, or fill out a contact form to schedule your free inspection today.

Learn More About Termites

Bed Bugs

We specialize in removing bed bugs from your home. We offer fully guaranteed elimination starting at $299




Rodents cause damage to your home and can depreciate it's value.




Bee removal is dangerous and best left to the professionals. Emergency hours and holidays are available!

What Should I Do If I Have Bees?


Scorpions can be dangerous for infants or the elderly, and they are all to common when living in a desert.



A professional insect control company can ensure your house is free of bugs. Different insect removal methods may be needed to eradicate the various types of pests. Read on to learn about the signs of an infestation and the treatment options we offer.



Ants, Crickets and Critters

From spiders and roaches to vermin and everything in between- we've got you covered. And if you just want preventative work done to avoid all of these nuisances, then we can help you with that too!


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